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Factors Affecting Career Choice Among West Visayas State University-College of Medicine Graduates.


Roger John Astrolabio,
Ma. Camille  Belasoto,
Precious Ara Bulilan,
Aloe Danica Deala,
John Romeo Dominick Diño,
Kyle Brian Habaradas,
Marinel Pedrosa,
Mark Allan Rezaga,
Jade Marie Sobrepeña,
Erika Claudine Tabuñar,
Jeraldine Verde

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College of Medicine - West Visayas State University

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Thesis Degree
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Publication Date
June 2018


Background: The choice of medical practice is not only important to the individual but to the society in which the physician belongs to. Currently, there is a lack of research regarding the factors associated with the career decision making of physicians in the Philippines. Determining the factors that influence such decision would help the society anticipate the supply of doctors in a Particular Specialty and effect the necessary changes in medical education, health work force planning, and health programs implementation.

Objective: This study is focused in determining the different factors affecting the career choice among West Visayas State University - College of Medicine graduates from year 1979-2010.

Methodology: All recognized graduates of WVSU-COM between 1979 to 2010 were targeted for the administration of the questionnaire. The four-part questionnaire included open-ended questions and 5-point likert scale items. Information on demographic, academic, current practice, and personal preferences were collected and analyzed using SPSS v.20.

Result: Out of the 2,504 graduates during the time period, 28.87% were reached, and 195 (26.97%) response were completed and analyzed. The average age of the participants was 46 years old, 63.59% were females, 74.87% were married, with round half residing in Iloilo City (53.33%). As to the specialty, 64.62%of the respondents practice a single specialty, While 17.44% were multi-specialists, and 13.85% were in general practice,. Among all the academic factors considered, the most influential was the experience during postgraduate internship, while for current practice, the most influential factor was the high demand for particular services in the location of practice, and as for personal preferences, the the most influential factor was the personal gauge of clinical knowledge and skills.

Conclusion: The result of this study provides an overview of the influence of various factors in the career choice of medical graduates,. Some factors in the decision-making of WVSU-COM medical graduates were different from those found in other countries. There were also variation as to the magnitude of influence of the different factors per medical field. Thus, it is recommended that further studies having an in-depth look in these factors be conducted in larger pool of medical graduates and practitioners in various medical fields in the Philippines.

Keywords: Physician Career Choice, Specailty Choice, General Practice, Philipines Physician       

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